Efforts to rebuild trust in an organization, repair working relationships, and restore confidence in the team can be especially challenging in the wake of conflicts, harassment or discrimination complaints, and other HR issues.  At Melnyk Consulting we have developed a program for intentional and restorative leadership development that addresses these types of difficulties.

Regenerative Leadership Development and Practice

This program offers:

  • Coaching and support for leaders and employees involved in harassment and discrimination complaints. We work with both leaders and employees who have filed a formal complaint or received a formal complaint.
  • Mediation of informal complaints to resolve respectful workplace concerns.
  • Recovery and supports (return to work) of individuals affected by complaint, including coaching, team building and quality workplace initiatives (such as CREW – Civility, Respect and Engagement at Work).
  • Introduction of regenerative leadership practices to bring awareness to and correction of behaviours not consistent with policy.
  • Creating psychologically safe workplaces, addressing the affects of trauma

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