Vision: To promote and sustain a positive respectful culture for all staff and stakeholders, we will implement a equity, diversity and inclusion development program customized with the Certified Local Change Agent Program. We consider the work of the future and provide skills based training in dealing with implementation of action plans and build competencies in your trainers to address the current and future workforce needs.

Melnyk Consultancy Ltd is offering a unique integration of the program intentionally focused on developing a sustainable program for the organization to deliver internally.  This non-traditional leadership program Certified Local Change Agent has an emphasis on personal growth and reflection. It is about the foundational context for diversity, equity and inclusion change management in organizations.


  • Implementation of equity, diversity and inclusion program with change interventions valuable for both individual leaders wellbeing and employees impact on society/community to enjoy greater wellbeing.
  • Promote Diversity and not impose standardized templates on everyone. People who enjoy wellbeing tend to engage in many pro-social activities, happy people are good people.
  • Transform Business as usual, implementing equity, diversity and inclusion best practices and positive psychology interventions to help our people experience happiness, wellbeing and success.
  • Strategic planning and personal development focused on business growth through cultural integration and accountability
  • Lead by example in your actions – take care of leaders and encourage leaders to take care of themselves and their people. Engaging in harmonious relationships, forge strategic alliances with the community ; and
  • Move the company projects forward by understanding the interconnection of systems and relationships.
  • Looking at Behaviour, Practices and Systems using Focused Conversations (Aspiration, Working Collaboratively, Dealing with Complexity)
  • Planning and preparing for succession and knowledge transfer, time and opportunity for leaders to network, learn from and support one another, and coach and mentor their successors.

Role of the facilitators: guides to the process for the group dialogue and discovery.

  • We help leaders create desired futures, our change management expertise helps ensure a planned approach to implementation and communications.
  • Collaboration across boundaries with ease, we are diversity and inclusion specialists, change management practitioners.
  • We excel at seeing systems, we encourage transparency and consistency of process to create opportunities for employees, leaders and stakeholders alike.
  • Intentional design to help your organization and your people manage the impact of change.

Expectations of participants:

  • To engage in required readings prior to each session as necessary, and
  • Any additional homework exercises in which to apply the lessons to their personal and professional lives.
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