This unique twelve week Leadership program is based on a book entitled ‘The Courage to Lead… Transform Yourself, Transform Society’. The book and study program is the outcome of a team effort by The Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). It is based on the concept that ‘in order to transform society, we first need to transform ourselves’.

Courage to LeadThis non-traditional leadership program has an emphasis on personal growth and reflection and will be of interest to anyone seeking to develop themselves as leaders in all walks of life. It is about the foundational context for leadership. The study is not about leadership skills development. This course will be useful to professionals: coaches, nurses, doctors, researchers, business people, activists, union leaders, cleaners, employed and unemployed, people in transition, people who thought they had life all sewed up and still open to learning, youth, elders, executive directors, health workers, teachers, mothers, fathers, politicians, artists, social entrepreneurs, community development practitioners and social change agents.

This program explores twelve leadership stances, any one of which, if adopted, has the potential to change your life and community. The message is simple: if you relate authentically to life, to yourself, to society, and to the world, you can start the process of social change from where you are right now and be a leader as well.

Learning Goals

  • Enhancing self-awareness and cultivating personal growth as it relates to being a leader.
  • Deepening and broadening your understanding of leadership and what it takes to be a leader.
  • Integrating a comprehensive understanding of leadership into your life and work.
  • Learning how you can be effectively involved in change.



Courage to Lead Program


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