Not your usual consulting firm, we know how to effectively lead change and facilitate the future-proofing of your organization. At Melnyk Consultancy, we are in the business of helping people create new habits and new behaviours, promoting and sustaining a positive and inclusive leadership culture for all levels of an organization.

People transition differently to their roles in an adaptive, constantly changing, and complex environment. We act as facilitator and coach, building quality communication channels and uncovering the positive emotions and creativity in leaders that serve to strengthen and guide.

Our Approach

Whether we are using visual facilitation tools or group activities to guide planning sessions or meetings, we can enhance the experience for your organization by offering a compelling response to complexity through dialogue, conflict management and stakeholder buy-in. Our gift is working with diversity and challenging polarized and disconnected perspectives. The organizational framework is designed to support competencies and expertise of your employees, and to share knowledge and tools in order to build capacity with your participants. Good conversations are supported where participants feel successful and can contribute to the issue on the table.

Realize Your Goals

Our program’s strength is its comprehensive content and the suitability to a wide range of participants with different background and levels of experience and expertise. The diversity of the content can drive diversity of participants’ thoughts and ideas, so more innovation can be generated and exchanged in the course of learning.

We are architects and designers at heart, advanced communicators by choice and very qualified for our profession. We invent new ways for people to work together. Our facilitation participants walk away with things they can implement immediately. There is nothing more empowering than to take full control of your destiny, with a guide on the path to success. Your journey starts here!

Below are some specialized programs we offer.

Green Project Management Courses are eligible for Certification and CAJG

GPM certification – People, Plant, Prosperity = Regenerative Leadership Programs that make a difference.
As a project management leader specializing in agile change management, I help emerging project managers establish their career by developing their skills and knowledge so they make the biggest impact in the project management universe, make projects more sustainable, both in terms of how they are delivered and the outcomes
being achieved. Our connection to the Sustainable Development Goals has brought us to working with GPM and leading here in North America as we speak with many emerging project managers.
GPM has developed a sustainable project management certification and training program. GPM Certification is internationally recognized and based on best practice and leading research on project management sustainability.
Sustainable project management is the space where we do our best work and where we believe the can make the greatest change. So I’m on a mission to find emerging project managers who have significant concerns about society, the environment and their future; those who are looking to stand out as leaders amongst their peers and those that want to ensure that projects that they deliver make the world a better place.

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