Whether you are just forming a startup business, beginning to form a team, or in need of restructuring, we can help you develop or redevelop your organization. Below are some typical goals and approaches we use.


  • Grow the agility and resilience of your organization by helping people deal more effectively with change
  • Use Organizational Design Principles, OD Programs, OD psychology, Organizational Effectiveness & metrics to reshape your organizational structure and build a psychologically healthy workplace.
  • Improve organizational capacity in positive interventions to impact the life of the organization
  • Ensure ongoing commitment to your plan by aligning change initiatives with established, process-driven methods


1.  Meet with Executive Sponsors & Project Leads to finalize contract scope and draft initial onboarding plan.

2.  Develop and implement change management strategies and plans for enterprise transformation, as well as technology, system and process changes.

3.  Facilitate change management activities and coach executive teams and sponsors, project leads and project managers to improve competence and knowledge transfer to the organization about effective change leadership and change implementation. (Think – behave – operate)

4.  Identify stakeholders, costs and benefits of the change, the scope of a change, and specific impacts with project leads.

5.  Engage stakeholders to provide input and understand the change in a way that builds their willingness and commitment to adopt and ensure the right people are engaged and informed. (facilitate – coach – transform)

6.  Ensure that strategies and plans address vital stakeholder feedback and that change plans are built into each project plan. (toolkits – best practices – methodologies)

7.  Conduct organizational assessments to determine the current readiness and capability for change.

8.  Identify pockets of risk; monitor and mitigate key people risks. (customer service ethic)

9.  Develop communication strategies and implement communication plans, and/or provide coaching and oversight to ensure these strategies are developed and implemented.

10.  Track and identify dependencies and overlapping impacts across initiatives. (project – portfolios – programs)

11.  Partner with project leads and teams to ensure appropriate performance support mechanisms are in place (e.g., training, team development, coaching, onsite support)

12.  Develop and implement approaches to sustain the change; to measure progress and value, communicate success and take corrective action if needed.

13.  Provide feedback and act as a change management subject matter expert for organizational leaders, sponsors, and project managers. (strategic input – planning)

14.  Build a repository for change management tools, templates and training materials and develop a communication strategy to promote its usage.(continuous improvement & innovation)

15.  Build bench strength for change leadership/sponsorship throughout the organization. (CMP, CLCA)

16.  Ensure strategies and plans are aligned to business objectives as defined by project key performance indicators or metrics. (sustain – measure – value – communicate –action)
Every organization is unique and must be approached with personal touch. We can build a custom Organizational Development Plan for you.


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