We provide a safe place and creative coaching conversations with our clients.

  • for individuals, couples, families, communities, organizations, teams and corporations

Fair, effective and sustainable solutions for preventing, resolving and managing, workplace conflicts, personal and professional trauma, grief release and post traumatic growth, anxiety, stress and ‘busy-ness’ release.

  •  together, we interrupt negative patterns and old ways of thinking and grieving to come back to the present and your new Self.
  •  forward focused, group support, awareness and mindfulness

Join me for a coaching session, explore your potential, question your path, go deep inside and discover what’s holding you back.

Certified by Moving the Human Spirit, Pauline meets with clients with tools to help the client maximize their personal and professional wellbeing.  With awareness to where they are currently in the present and fostering positive gentle inquiry towards a new re-focus of openness and curiosity of relationships, spiritual growth and cultural safety.  We hold a safe place for the clients, their partners and family members wellbeing together and exploring ways of stimulating positive change.  We are respectful and patient with the pace that works best for the client.

Need more info before contacting us? Here’s more on what to expect in coaching.

If you are a coach and looking for a mentor coach, I am more than happy to support your journey to achieving your Credentials. Bio:

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