Our Intention in coaching:

  • To positively impact the client’s life – this goal is above all others, and all others feed indirectly into this goal. The number one goal of coaching in general is to improve the client’s life, and positive psychology coaching is no different.
  • Increase the client’s experience of positive emotions.
  • Help clients identify and develop their strengths and unique talents.
  • Enhance the client’s goal-setting and goal-striving abilities.
  • Build a sense of hope into the client’s perspective.
  • Cultivate the client’s sense of happiness and well-being.
  • Nurture a sense of gratitude in the client.
  • Help the client build and maintain healthy, positive relationships with others.
  • Encourage the client to maintain an optimistic outlook.
  • Help the client learn to savor every positive moment (Mentor Coach, n.d.; Peppercorn, 2014).

Typical Coaching Session

  1. Setting the Foundations
    • Establish the Coaching Agreement  (the level of confidentiality the client can expect, etc)
    • Set Contract – outcome of session, debrief assessment (what the coaching is designed to achieve)
  2. Co-create the relationship
    • Build Rapport – Trust, Intimacy and Presence (how the process works, expectations of me)
    • Communicating Effectively (open-ended, appreciative inquiry, questions, challenges)
  3. Outcome Frame
    • Create an Experience (Situate, Search, Shift, Sustain)
    • Facilitate learning and results – use tools, structures and systems (reality, options)
    • Action Steps, planning and goals (future state, resources)
    • Managing progress and accountability – creating a supportive community (determination)
  4. Closing Session
    • Value  (evaluation)
    • Celebrate (gratitude)
    • Notes / Debrief / Reports

Example of Coaching Conversations Development:

  • Part 1: The following will probably not change from week-to-week. The following will be supported by debriefing the required assessment tool for the leader
    • What are your Top 4 Values?
    • What is your Life Purpose?
    • What are your Top 3 Goals for coaching with me?
  • Part 2: The following will change from week-to-week, with the introduction of one-on-one session.
    • Do you have any ‘wins’ to share since last week?
    • Thinking back on your ‘next steps’ from last week’s coaching session, what have you accomplished?
    • What else have you accomplished since last week’s session that you would like me to know about?
    • Have you had any further insights since last week and would you like to share them?
    • What challenges have you encountered since last week’s session?
    • What would you like to be coached on this week?
    • Is there anything else you’d like me to know, but don’t want to be coached on?
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