Pauline is a master at catalyzing personal change, strongly believing in personal resilience and perseverance. As an avid learner, Pauline has complimented her business acumen with studies in psychology and practicing Zen Meditations under Master Nissim Amon. She is a certified Trilotherapy® Practitioner, offering lessons in a group format and connecting participants in a community of practice.

This practice makes a difference in organizations and teams, building personal balance and well-being, and creating opportunities for innovating, thinking differently, building relationships, deep learning, and creatively working.

The Approach

trilotherapy-practitionerDeveloped by Zen Master Nissim Amon, Trilotherapy® is a therapeutic method that creates inner balance which helps us integrate our personality. The approach is:

  • Born out of using basic Zen Buddhist training methods combined with western psychology techniques, similar to those found in Gestalt.
  • Seeking to reduce suffering, build strength and trust in self, align and enlighten you to your true calling.
  • Based on the fundamental understanding that the source of discomfort and suffering we experience in life comes from within rather than from outside influences. Inside each and every individual two different approaches to reality coexist, that of the rational/logical which we experience as thoughts and we call the Mind, and the emotional which expresses itself through feelings that come from the Heart.
  • A revolutionary way for experiencing an awakening by moving between 3 different chairs. Strengthen your center. Be the leader of your mind and emotions.

The Goals

Gain a greater depth in conversation, build more trust, increase your insight, creativity, and capacity to love.

  • It starts with Who is the self and capital-S Self.
  • Map your journey and gain a greater understanding of your life without guilt, remorse, negativity or stress.
  • Build a clearer picture of your desired future and gain the skills and capabilities to succeed.
  • Become a self-energizing engine for the results you want.
Pauline receiving her Trilotherapy® Certification from Zen Master Nissim Amon
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