(CLCA) Who is a Local Change Agent (LCA)?

  • People whose work area is facing significant change
  • Selected by their employer to act as change agents
  • Normally as an adjunct to their ‘day job’
  • Supporting their work colleagues through change
  • Able to arrange and run local workshops to help design and/or implement aspects of the change
  • Helping their managers implement change

On completion of this certification, candidates will understand

  • that organizational change consists of individual transitions, aligned with intentional changes in a group or organization;
  • how people typically respond to change;
  • how they can be helped to engage with it (through facilitated activities, personal support, training and communication); and
  • the importance of aligning changes in their own work area with wider organizational changes.

Also, candidates will know how to

  • offer support to colleagues going through change;
  • facilitate local workshops (ideas-gathering etc.);

and to help

  • identify the different ‘stakes’ people have in a change;
  • develop appropriate learning and communication plans;
  • assess the change-readiness of people in their area;
  • develop a local change plan;
  • to identify and manage resistance; and
  • build purposeful relationships for their work area.

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