Our Consultants manage and provide organizational change management expertise. They help you plan, develop and implement internal and external strategies for large scale projects and initiatives. They also help you communicate these important changes, a key step in their success. Their work includes:

  • Roadmaps to help leaders, executives, and change teams marry change management principles to business efforts.
  • Developing and leading training sessions and facilitating a set of actionable and targeted organizational change management plans. These include sponsor, coaching, training and resistance management plans. Supports the execution of plans by employee-facing managers and business leaders who manage and direct components of projects through the planning, analysis, design, implementation and transition phases.
  • Coaching project managers and senior management to develop and maintain change management strategies throughout projects, assisting the development and implementation of models and methodology. They develop and lead processes within the organization to assess change alignment and stakeholder needs/impact assessments for strategic goals, targets, and initiatives.
  • Assisting with the creation and management of the measurement systems to track adoption, utilization, and proficiency of individual and organization-wide changes. This work identifies resistance and performance gaps and helps collaborate with senior executives to develop and implement corrective actions.
  • Assisting the management and change team in identifying and understanding the changes resulting from business process reengineering efforts, system functionality, and other modifications to business processes. This includes the accompanying technological advances and providing guidance and support in response to those changes.
  • Working with the project team and the stakeholder community to identify and document business process changes.
  • Serving as facilitator and an active, visible organizational change management coach to project and initiative sponsors, Senior Executives, management, and stakeholders.
  • Assisting in planning, organizing, developing, and implementing effective strategic communications to stakeholders, both internally and externally.
  • Providing leadership, mentoring, and direction to project managers and other key change leaders to help achieve communications objectives and attain buy-in for successful implementation of strategic and tactical initiatives.
  • Facilitating stakeholder group meetings, including developing plans and documenting outputs. Our consultants collaborate with Senior Executives and management to develop and implement communication activities in support of highly visible strategic programs, projects, and initiatives.
  • Supporting project teams as communications experts, to analyze assessment findings and develop strategic communications in support of change strategies. They evaluate and measure the effectiveness of internal communications and training plans.
  • Supporting the planning, organization, development, and implementation of effective communications for the smooth sharing of information between technology teams and business organizations. They can assist with the creation of newsletters and website content, upon request.
  • Providing executive support, consulting expertise and guidance from conceptualization to implementation of organizational change management strategies, training, and communications. They facilitate meetings/groups of team members in the implementation of strategic activities and initiatives.
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