Flexible Virtual Training Contact us to register we will begin with your Virtual Learning you may register for this course and study at your own pace.  Flexibility in dates, as we accommodate registrations online during COVID 19 Restrictions.  Face to Face and small group settings can be completed in workplaces that have capability for INSTRUCTOR LED Virtual Sessions! Corporate Clients we can send up dates to your LMS System to ensure your team is connected with employee learning progress.

Customized Program Contact us to schedule meeting for requirements Customized means we take your project/program requirement and ensure that you are deploying with your example.

We are offering several Change Management trainings in the coming year.
Click here for more information about the trainings. Self – Paced is also an option work at your own pace and join us for the Exam

Customization for Teams (examples below)
1.Implementation Ex1
2. EquityDI Ex2
3. HR Ex3

Change Management Foundations

3 Days Instructor-Led Online Exam & Materials


Change Management Practitioner Certification

5 Days Instructor-Led Online Exam & Materials This includes the pre-requisite Foundations Course


Agile Change Agent Training

2 Days Instructor-Led Online Exam & Materials Summer Learning Special


Certified Local Change Agent

2 Day Instructor-Led Online Exam & Materials


Customized Learning Solutions

Additional Day



10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19
August 6 x 2hr2021
AGILE Change Agent Certification *Summer of LearningVirtual Instructor Led – Begin Tuesday August 10 2pm -4:00 pm MST – Thursday 19 2pm – 4pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Afternoon)
ExamThursday 19 3:15 pm
Certified Local Change Agent BlockVirtual Instructor Led – Monday 1:00pm -4:00 pm to Friday13-17th September
ExamFriday 17 2:30pm
Examination Prep & Exam: Certified Change Management CoursesChallenge the Certified Local Change Agent Examination Online, Change Management Foundations or Agile Change Agent 1pm to 5pm Tuesday 21 September.
1 pmLearning Platform
Wednesday Evening Change Management4:00 pm – 7:30pm MST Begins 22 September, 2021 Foundations 12 weeks
Practitioner Begins 8 Weeks 2 Exams to be Scheduled
3.5 hrsLearning Platform
15 & 17
November 4Weeks2021
January 6th 2.5 Week
Afternoon Monday & Thursday Change Management Certification1 pm – 4pm MST  Begins  Monday 15 & Thursday 17 November, 2021   Foundations 4 weeks
Practitioner Begins 6 January, 2022 2.5 weeks 2 Exams to be scheduled
3 hrsLearning Platform
January 2022
AGILE Change Agent Training – in personVirtual Instructor Led – Tuesday 25 & Thursday 27 begins 9am -5pm
ExamThursday TBC
Change Leadership & Coaching Lunch & Learn EventMeet the Practitioners & Coaches – Change Management 11:30 – 2:30 pm
Weekend Foundations Boot Camp Change ManagementFriday 5:00 pm – 8:00pm MST Begins Foundations
Saturday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm MST + Sunday 8:30 am – 4:30pm
ExamSunday 3pm
Weekend Practitioner Boot Camp Change ManagementSaturday 8:30 am – 4:30pm MST + Sunday 8:30 am + 4:30 pm

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The Alberta government is temporarily expanding eligibility to the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) to help businesses access the training they need. The expansion is effective until February 28, 2022. Expanded eligibility includes:

  • Funding mandatory training. Use the CAJG to fund courses or training that is required for a job.
  • Allowing employers to train employed family members. Enables family-owned businesses to access training funds.
  • Allowing some business owners to receive funding to train themselves. Supports entrepreneurs to expand their skill set to grow or pivot their business.

In addition, other changes will make the application process more efficient. For example, an employee’s training can start as soon as government receives an application, rather than having to wait for the application to be approved. This allows businesses to begin training sooner if required.

Temporarily expanding the CAJG provides more opportunities for businesses to access support as part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan.

Learn more about the program and apply online at alberta.ca/CAJG