Leadership Development

Sustainability Leadership Program

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Developing Leaders in Human Resource Management

with accreditation toward IPMA Certified Professional. (3 days)

The nature of work is changing with increasing globalization of the workforce changes to demographics and generations, advances in technology and the increasing pace of change, HR professionals at every level need to be strategic and influential like never before.  To respond to this clear need, IPMA-Canada has developed a 3-day interactive program focusing on the three core roles that HR professionals must display in today;s dynamic workplace.  Through simulation and participative exercises, this course challenges participants to stretch their thinking and develop new skills and competencies to help them be successful.  Participants will leave the training with a post-program action plan to continue their success in human resource leadership.

So Now You Are a Leader

Designed for Frontline Supervisors and Managers new to the position.  (2 days)

  • Understand the complexities of the current work environment, identify current strengths and development areas for the roles of Conductor, Collaborator, and a Change Enabler
  • Understand the complexities of decision making and assessment of risk, manage interactions with the employer, business partners and employees, balancing agendas and managing effective communication.
  • Understand change management theory and models in practice and assess team dynamics and appropriate actions to improve team working relationships.

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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership can seem like a contradicting term, but it is becoming a very popular tool in many businesses.

Servant leadership is a philosophy that involves focusing on others (i.e. your employees) and focus on their success, and in turn, build better professional relationships that can benefit both manager and employee.  Servant leadership shows that managers can be great leaders while boosting their employee’s confidence and further their success at the same time.

With our “Servant Leadership” workshop, your employees will discover the specifics of how servant leadership works and how it can benefit both leaders and employees!

Workshop Objectives:

  • Define servant leadership
  • Know the characteristics of servant leadership
  • Recognize the barriers in servant leadership
  • Learn to be a mentor and a motivator
  • Practice self-reflection

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