Are you willing to change your life?  Do you need time to reflect and gather your thoughts?

I’ll help you connect your passion to your goals.  Together, we will interrupt negative patterns and old ways of thinking to realize your new ‘S’elf.

Join me for a coaching session, explore your potential, question your path, go deep inside and discover what’s holding you back.

Love and Light

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As a Positive Psychology and Narrative Coach, Pauline Melnyk provides a thought-provoking, creative approach with respectful interventions to the topic of Change Management. Positive psychology research intentionally focuses on what is right with people and what can be increased, help participants experience happiness, well-being and success. Pauline has been engaging continuous training in effective, ethical best practices and tools that have been researched by scientists in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, strengths and more.  Narrative Coaching allows you to uncover, understand, and change what truly drives human behavior through the process of listening to and understanding triggers. It’s a coaching experience that offers you a way as a coach to listen to people’s stories and help them understand the implications of their narrative choices, so they can be empowered to choose better stories and outcomes instead.

Passion…. “pass it on”

Sessions are one hour, scheduled every one to two weeks, in-person* or via phone,  Skype or Zoom.  

  • Complimentary half-hour session
  • * Some pro-bono coaching sessions are available.
  • *in-person is based on availability and location.    
  • All Clients will be asked to sign a coaching-agreement and complete a coaching feedback survey following sessions.
  • To Book an Appointment: Please Contact Us directly


Coaching Sessions

Individual Coaching Sessions


Individual Session
Four sessions
10 sessions
20 sessions
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Gift Certificate Coaching

3 Coaching Sessions 45 -60 minutes


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Positive psychology research intentionally focuses on what is right with people and what can be increased. Positive psychology interventions can help more people experience happiness, well-being, and success. And it turns out, in many ways, happy people are good people (Seligman, 2011). People who enjoy wellbeing tend to engage in many pro-social activities, such as engaging in harmonious relationships, volunteering, giving to charity, and in general, devoting themselves to the welfare of others (Keltner, 2014). Positive psychology points to valuable opportunities for both individuals and society to enjoy greater wellbeing. The most powerful tools can be possessed by anyone, regardless their geographic or economic circumstances.  Watch this little video to learn more about why our approach makes a difference in your daily success.

Our Intention in coaching:

  • To positively impact the client’s life – this goal is above all others, and all others feed indirectly into this goal. The number one goal of coaching in general is to improve the client’s life, and positive psychology coaching is no different.
  • Increase the client’s experience of positive emotions.
  • Help clients identify and develop their strengths and unique talents.
  • Enhance the client’s goal-setting and goal-striving abilities.
  • Build a sense of hope into the client’s perspective.
  • Cultivate the client’s sense of happiness and well-being.
  • Nurture a sense of gratitude in the client.
  • Help the client build and maintain healthy, positive relationships with others.
  • Encourage the client to maintain an optimistic outlook.
  • Help the client learn to savor every positive moment (Mentor Coach, n.d.; Peppercorn, 2014).


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