Two Groups Proposed – Virtual Meetings
7:30 am– 9:00 am Morning
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Evening

Beginning Monday, May 4th, 2020 and continuing each Monday until June 30th, Pauline Melnyk accredited Change Management Specialist is offering a unique eight week Emerging Leaders program based on our collective need to change as we emerge from the Economic and Social Pandemic. Having the courage to Transform Self and Transform Society’, you will answer 3 basic questions in order to move forward and capitalize on the opportunity.

1. What am I currently being asked to let go of?
2. What am I noticing about my inner state, my community’s reaction and our expectations to a collective response?
3. What is beginning to emerge as opportunity for myself and my company?

We have many tools and activities in which to bring about deep listening and our call to action. How do you need to transform yourself and how will you exist in this new world emerging?

A timely discussion on current social changes will occur in this non-traditional personal leadership program for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. The emphasis on personal growth and reflection as leaders in business is the foundational context for change leadership. The study is not about leadership skills development. WE will create a collective support network in this journey as you explore together the ‘potential to change your life and community’.

The message is simple: if you relate authentically to life, to yourself, to society, and to the world, you can start the process of social change from where you are right now and be a leader as well.

This course will be useful to professional: entrepreneurs, healthcare, nurses, doctors, researchers, business people, activists, union leaders, cleaners, employed and unemployed, people in transition, people who thought they had life all sewed up and still open to learning, youth, elders, executive directors, health workers, teachers, mothers, fathers, politicians, artists, social entrepreneurs, community development practitioners and social change agents.

Based on three bodies of work captured in big reads:

a) The Effective Change Managers Handbook,
b) Theory U – Global Presencing Institute ULABs
c) The Courage to Lead – ICA

• Enhancing self-awareness and cultivating personal growth as it relates to being a leader.
• Deepening and broadening your understanding of leadership and what it takes to be a leader.
• Integrating a comprehensive understanding of leadership into your life and work.
• Learning how you can be effectively involved in change.
• Deepening community leader discussions on social change.

Introductory Registration Fee – $150.00

To register and receive further information, please email: or 1-844-417-2915

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