So you’re undergoing a massive change in technology at work! The project itself is familiar and you can follow the Project Plan. The new technology will create disruption and transformation for the work of your team.
Set the conditions of success and a culture of safety during the implementation of ‘tech @ work’ and help the transition and empowerment of your Change Agents.
Our customized Local Change Agent Training helps you build the Roadmap and Implementation plans with an easy-to-follow guide. This will have your team knowledgeable and prepared for training when the time comes to ‘Go Live’.
Melnyk Consultancy will walk through your project plans, implementation plans to customize your planning collaboratively. Create easy-to-follow training and reference checklists to plan your next-generation technology (ERP, LMS). Your budget will thank you when you invest in training that supports the implementation plan and builds working relationships with your team.
Don’t wait for change to happen to you – customize the Certified Local Change Agent to meet your specific goals through collaboration with your IT department, HR department, software vendor and leadership implementation team.

Objectives:  Local Change Agent Training Customized for your leadership implementation team.

  •  Knowledge and understanding are necessary to contribute constructively to teams specifying, developing, implementing and sustaining change initiatives.
  •  Explore how change affects and is affected by individuals, teams and organizations.
  •  Unlock resistance to change, provide effective support and motivation to individuals and teams to embrace change
  •  Draw from a range of professional approaches to implement change smoothly and effectively
  •  Manage and inform key stakeholders throughout the change process
  •  Speed up the implementation of change initiatives
  •  Realize the benefits of projects, programs and other change initiatives.

This training is intended to support the delivery of the Certified Local Change Agent Accreditation.

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