Change is inevitable and constant – so how does your organization plan for change? As HR leaders it is our responsibility to navigate our teams through change, but sometimes it’s difficult to get buy-in from all stakeholders if our plan is not what they expect. To successfully execute change, we, as HR leaders must use the support of positive psychology and well-being theory to implement change initiatives.

In my workshops for HR leaders, I share tools and methods for you to:

  • Grow the agility and resilience of your organization by helping people deal more effectively with change
  • Improve organizational capacity in positive interventions to impact the life of the organization
  • Ensure ongoing commitment to your plan by aligning change initiatives with established, process-driven methods

Based on CMBok – Change Management Book of Knowledge, successful organizational change can be done at scale in all organizations, public and private. Organizations can experience this as well with the application of these building blocks into their current change. With the appropriate tools, we can unlock resistance to change; enable teams to work effectively to deal with and embrace change; and even speed up the implementation of change initiatives.

As a Certified Positive Psychology Coach®, I provide a thought-provoking, creative approach with positive psychology interventions to the topic of Change Management. Positive psychology research intentionally focuses on what is right with people and what can be increased, and helps participants experience happiness, well-being and success.

Contact us for more info on OUR Professional Development session on “Change Management for the HR Professional”. We offer this course through CPHR Alberta and participants receive 7.5 CPD hours.

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