Change Management – Public Workshops & Customized Programs

To help you acquire the sought-after skills required to become a competent manager of change within your organization, Melnyk Consultancy is offering  Change Management Practitioner (CMP) Certification Program. This globally recognized program is the first of its kind in Canada and provides practical knowledge on change management techniques.
We are offering split sessions with 3 day Foundation and 2 day Practitioner.
Customize your Program
Public Courses now offered in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina


Full 5 day Change Management Practitioner Course :Pay Now

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Who is a Local Change Agent (LCA)?

  • People whose work area is facing significant change
  • Selected by their employer to act as change agents
  • Normally as an adjunct to their ‘day job’
  • Supporting their work colleagues through change
  • Able to arrange and run local workshops to help design and/or implement aspects of the change
  • Helping their managers implement change

On completion of this certification, candidates will understand

  • that organizational change consists of individual transitions, aligned with intentional changes in a group or organization;
  • how people typically respond to change;
  • how they can be helped to engage with it (through facilitated activities, personal support, training and communication); and
  • the importance of aligning changes in their own work area with wider organizational changes.

Also, candidates will know how to

  • offer support to colleagues going through change;
  • facilitate local workshops (ideas-gathering etc.);

and to help

  • identify the different ‘stakes’ people have in a change;
  • develop appropriate learning and communication plans;
  • assess the change-readiness of people in their area;
  • develop a local change plan;
  • to identify and manage resistance; and
  • build purposeful relationships for their work area.

2 days Certified Local Change Agent:   Pay NOW

Corporate Rate: Certified Local Change Agent: Pay NOW


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