Influence Change through Coaching


When it comes down to affecting or influencing real change, it often takes a coaching conversation with your Executive Sponsor. Coaching is one of the most beneficial forms of feedback, as it allows you to critically analyze your own performance with your goals and then to develop strategies to improve the current situation.

Meet Pauline Melnyk, Director and Principal Consultant at Melnyk Consultancy, who listens to the individual and the flow within an organization to affect change. She has been coaching Executives for now close on 20 years and demonstrates the importance of observing the behaviours showing up in the business and in leaders and honestly providing feedback. This can be a difficult conversation carried out with the best intent and interest of helping those responsible for making the next ‘logical’ step forward.

Stepping up and demonstrating leadership can be extremely uncomfortable for both parties; ego has a way of getting in the way. Nobody wants to believe they are not doing their best, yet the most rewarding experience is to cultivate the relationship, build meaning and purpose for the change and the leader. By providing organizational change management expertise to the planning, developing and implementing of internal and external change strategies, Pauline has built a foundation of trust and a mechanism for feedback to credibly intervene. Often knowing which mechanism or lever of change requires adjustment is like a dial on the radio and experience has taught her to be curious, to ask lots of questions validate the right behaviours and deal effectively with the behaviours undermining success with individual leaders. Affecting change at the emotional level and providing leadership with clear strategic supports for the team, coaching provides the right leverage where a small amount of effort targeted in the right place can maintain enough support to sustain new behaviours for the change to take effect.

Pauline is a master at catalyzing personal change, she strongly believes in promoting resilience and perseverance. Instinctively knowing that each person brings something unique and distinct to the table, she weaves people together into the fabric of something much larger and more significant than themselves. Her work leads her to make a difference in organizations and with teams, creating opportunities for innovating, thinking differently, creatively working, building relationships and deep learning.

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