“You’ve got to put something into life before you can expect to get anything out.”

Zig Ziglar

“Outside of our job titles and resumes, away from our to do lists and calendars, there is a place we have reserved for leadership. It is a place of potential, where we can go to see things differently, foresee positive change, and find the courage to lead. Its a place we too often see from afar and struggle to get near.”

D. Buwalda

“An excellent book for self-reflection, personal growth and a better understanding of leadership. I will recommend this [Courage to Lead] course to anyone who is willing to be challenged. Thanks so much, it was so worthwhile. I have grown so much!”

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“Often, in order to stay alive, we have to unmake a living to get back to living the life we wanted for ourselves.  It is the cycle of making, disintegration and remaking that is the hallmark of meaningful and creative work.”   David Whyte:  Crossing the Unknown Sea.  Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity


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